Mad To Live Retreats guest Carly's experience of the Costa Rica stop!

The Video wrap of our first trip to Morocco!

I pin down the girls on their last night of the retreat for a natter about what they made of the trip.


Mad To Live Retreats guest's Olivia & Lucy's Portugal experience! 

Mad To Live Retreats guest Lucy's round-up of the Portugal stop!

"My fondest holiday memories growing up were all about outdoor activities and adventure. I might be older now (36) but haven’t grown out of wanting those same things!  No longer will I have to struggle with the boredom of a conventional holiday and have already booked onto my second Mad to Live retreat. The company, activities, environment and food exceeded expectations on every level, I have made some great friends and wonderful memories. Thank you Sophie!."
Costa Rica Retreat Victoria Pendleton (CBE), UK


"Mad To Live has changed my life in so many  ways and I can’t even express what an amazing time I’ve had... on all my retreats :)" Portugal Retreat, Jess, USA - 3 Retreats in one year!


"I rocked up not knowing how much my body would be able to take…and left knowing there’s no limits to what’s possible...confidence sky high and buzzing!  Mad to live has accelerated getting adventure back in my life like crazy – cannot imagine a better way to have managed this.  Add in non-stop laughter, new friends for life, phenomenal views, amazing food – perfection right there babes!"                              Portugal Retreat, Nikki, UK


"I had the best time EVER! (I am missing those post surf doughnuts!)When can I book the next one??!!" Morocco Retreat, Captain Elissa Davies, UK


"For me, in all honesty, the people we met, the new experiences we faced together, the honesty, the new friendships, and the opportunity the retreat gave each and everyone os us to be completely vulnerable with a group of strangers, all like minded and genuine, was absolutely life changing. It reminded me how resilient I am as a woman, more importantly though that I want to live my entire life Mad To Live". Portugal Retreat, Kat, UK

"Having the opportunity to meet new incredible women from all over the world.  Making huge progress and gaining confidence in my surfing skills."
Portugal Retreat, Courtney, New York

"I totally fell in love with surfing.  It’s given me goals for my fitness and strength, but also opened up a new areas of interest."
Portugal Retreat, Nicola, UK

"We rode, ran, swam, surfed, hiked, biked, bended, stretched, jumped, and it all made us feel PUMPED! I think the best thing about it all - as well as being able to do it all in nature, was the fantastic, unbeatable feeling of physical capability".                                Portugal Retreat, Poppy, UK

"The food was INCREDIBLE & I loved that I was able to maintain all of my healthy eating habits throughout my entire vacation, without feeling like I was missing out on substance. I had the most amazing time on this retreat & would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!"
Portugal Retreat Lissette, New York


"It was my best week ever... I came in with “nothing” and I went out full of good memories and endless friendship!" Portugal Retreat, Sara, Spain

"I stood up on way more waves than I could have ever imagined! Soph is the raddest chick possible to be around when adventuring and exploring new and exciting activities. Aside from being a bad ass all around athlete herself, she empowers all around her, espeically women, to strive for more and achieve all their goals, physically and mentally. She should add “Life Coach” to her resume." Portugal Retreat, Lucy, Rhode Island

"Highlights? Oh my god. E.v.ery.Thing!  The wonderful women I met, the surfing, the rock climbing...the food, the atmosphere.  The support from you and the other girls...everything!"  Costa Rica Retreat, Stephanie, UK


“One of the best holidays I have ever had.  See you in Costa Rica!!” Portugal Retreat, Jenny, UK


“The highlights? Surfing, the general atmosphere and kindness and friendliness of the organizers & other participants, and of course, Rachel's wonderful meals!” Portugal Retreat, Daliana, Switzerland

"Sophie my love, you inspire women to be powerful and united...This experience shaped me in ways I never thought possible. In a way, I came to Portugal fearful and left fearless. I can’t thank you enough for daring to create such an amazing thing. "        Portugal Retreat, Nastazia, Cyprus 


"Meeting all those well-traveled women inspired me to be less fearful of solo-travel. Which in turn has allowed me to become more comfortable with spending time by myself... more than comfortable, I embrace my alone time now which is something I was never ok with before. I also had a huge fear of big waves before, that fear has diminished and has been replaced with a new found love of waves and surfing them!!! This retreat was the beginning of me learning so much about myself that I had never realized before!!" Morocco Retreat, Ashley, USA


"I didn’t have any goals or expectations, I was truly coming for the adventure. I’ve taken away so much more from this retreat than I could have ever imaged, and I am so grateful for this opportunity! " Morocco Retreat, Ali, USA

"For me this was an excersise in pushing myself out of my comfort zone and being more open to new challenges with new people. Box massively ticked...You have such a lovely team of people who clearly go above and beyond to accommodate everyone. I would recommend to any of my friends to go on one of your retreats. I had such a fun time. " Portugal Retreat, Charlotte, UK


"Each activity was unreal, and I like to think I threw myself at it with everything I had. Things that I might accomplish in the space of a year, never mind a week. Bucket list halved in such a short space of time!" Portugal Retreat, Bec, UK

"Highlights? Meeting all the rad babes!  The house was lovely and cannot forgot the food cooked by Rachel which really made the trip.  Of course learning to surf!  The instructors where really helpful and fun!" Portugal Retreat, Holly, UK


"One of my favourite things about the retreat was the people who took part, all very different and very similar at the same time. All with amazing, different stories to tell each other. We had a lot to learn from each other and all supported each other massively. Another highlight of the retreat was being able to try new fitness techniques. Whether it was different ways to train parts of your body or trying something completely different, for me boxing. Which I have now taken up- SHOUTOUT TO YOU SOPHIE FOR THE AWESOME EYE OPENER!!"
Portugal Retreat Lily, Portugal

"Being in the water with Sophie E was just so good - constantly being fed little corrections and bits of advice was so beneficial. The retreat also kick started my health and fitness regime and has motivated me to keep up that level of fitness activities and reminded me of the joy of keeping fit and doing awesome outdoors activities!"                            Portugal Retreat, Carly, SurfGirl Magazine, Cornwall


"Thank you so much, you chicks are amazing and gave me so much more than a ‘holiday’" Portugal Retreat, Fiona, Ireland


“You looked after us all beautifully, and from the moment I arrived I felt so relaxed…You made the week the perfect mix of wonderful madness and relaxation, and no matter whether anyone was on a wave or being barrelled by one, here were always smiles all round!” Portugal Retreat, Mills, UK

"The retreat was a really amazing experience."
Portugal Retreat Claire, Ireland

"I loved the house vibes, felt like we all just lived together!!"
Portugal Retreat Emma, New Zealand

"There are moment's in life that really shape you, this was truly one of them...Highlights? Meeting 4 incredible women I now want to see every year!".  Costa Rica Retreat, Carly, UK