“No longer will I have to struggle with the boredom of a conventional holiday and have already booked onto my second Mad to Live retreat.” (Victoria Pendleton, CBE) 

"There are moments in life that really shape you, this was truly one of them...” (Carly Rowena, Blogger)

"We rode, ran, swam, surfed, hiked, biked, bended, stretched, jumped, and it all made us feel PUMPED! I think the best thing about it all - as well as being able to do it all in nature, was the fantastic, unbeatable feeling of physical capability".   (Poppy Cross, The Daily Mail)          

“You inspire women to be powerful and united...This experience shaped me in ways I never thought possible”

Always wanted to learn to surf or progress to the next level? Sun salute as it sets in front of you? Ride horses, scramble & charge up hills with the rising sun, get sweaty & stoked with tailored beach workouts, have the adventure of a lifetime with a group of like-minded souls?


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12th May - 19th May 2018 BOOK NOW